@cdevroe i have said this for years

@colinwalker the footer on your website is “Content: CC NY-BC 2.0 UK”. Did you mean to type CC BY-NC 2.0 UK or are you using something else?

@baker I'll let you know. My wife has taken on that project.

@simonwoods I want surveillance free websites in general. I'm looking at moving my cloud backup to another vendor. The vendor's support website won't let me submit a ticket unless I enable surveillance trackers.

@patrickrhone 🤯‼️ That is worrisome. Very worrisome.

@Gabz You're not alone. 😃

@macgenie That looks good.

@pratik Parents get shorter as their kids get older. 😃

@maique he was a rescue cat; feral when found and was ready for release back into the wild(hence the notched ear) but showed signs of suitability for a home. We adopted him, showered him with affection and hes's the sweetest.

@patrickrhone there's an Austin, MN and Princeton, IL. Did the early Americans run out of name options?

@baker I was thinking a mounted metalic print would be ideal for these colours.

@gregmoore @baker my wife loves it so much she want's it printed and framed. We need to get permission form the copyright holder. My daughher.

@purisubzi The English word "barbecue" and its cognates in other languages come from the Spanish word barbacoa. Etymologists believe this to be derived from barabicu found in the language of the Arawak people of the Caribbean. So no need to visit the USA to have awesome BBQ.

@brucegodin hopefully the movie comes out before Tuesday, November 3, 2020.

@hollyhoneychurch isn’t that the coolest phrase!

@ronguest data driven decision making. Brilliant.

@johnholzer love the artwork.

@colinwalker 👏🏽🍻

@Gabz just saw it after a screen refresh. I like the menus on the left.

@bensmithuk I just realised you are in the UK. A few on my list wil ship internationally but I don't know which.

@bensmithuk I haven’t kept up with it lately but perhaps there is something here you haven’t tried yet. islandinthenet.com/tag/coffe...

@Burk may I suggest RIPLEY for the new Mac? Or maybe NEWT?

@Burk Gandalf, Aragorn, Samwise Gamgee. The rest of the family (except for my wife) - Éowyn and Dernhelm, Arwen, Radagast The Brown, Galadriel, Gimli. Note: in my home iPhones and iPads are considered computers.

@macgenie I'll need to those email reminders. I coudn't even remeber if I registered to participate. #SocialDistancingFatigue

@macgenie 😁