@simonwoods remember, Instagram supports private accounts. You can invite whomever you want to your pirvate party. Same on Facebook. Same on Twitter. The controls exists.

@simonwoods what I'm saying is "it's not your partty". It never was. It's Instagram/Facebooks/etc. party. You are a guest. Leave the party. Let the people who are enjoying the music stay. And be ok with them staying. Find another party.

@cdevroe it's not your house. You are a guest. Leave the party.

@cdevroe what I dislike about all this chatter it feels too much like "I didn't like the music at the party so I left and went to another party with music I enjoy but I spent the entire time complaining about the party I left".

@simonwoods that's not my point of view. The average person loves these apps and services. The alternative party is just full of people who didn't like the music. So they left. That's fine too.

@greghiggins spotlight search is the only way I launch apps that are not on the home screen. It's faster than scrolling and tapping.

@cdevroe During COVID-19 the local restaurants and breweries use Instagram as an alert and notification system to local residents about changes in menu, beer releases, specials, etc.

It's about being at the party that you know everyone you already know in-real-life knows about.

@brucegodin that’s great news. I’m a investor through their equity for punks program.

@simonwoods right! 😃

@odd I try to say #2 but I’m thinking #3. 😃

@ChrisJWilson we have over 100 microbreweries in New Jersey. That’s mostly what I drink and it’s very regional. But I’m ok buying some cans at the local package shop so we can all drink the same thing. Or an adjunct.

@brucegodin so I’ve long believed that a 4 year computer science degree is utter garbage. I think that any motivated high schooler and with mentorship and time could become a world class developer. Anyone can learn to write code but only a few will become actual developers. However, as with most things, when I interview candidates, most are in the “I know how to code” category. This is a challenge in information security as well.

@ChrisJWilson I'm down for that.

@brentsimmons when did WordPress.com become open source?

@brucegodin I see how that benefits Google. What are the longer term consequences for the certificate holder?

@Gabz one of my favourite 90s bands.

@ronguest I've had this happen twice to my car twice. 🤪

It would be nice if I could work remotely the rest of my life. One less car insurance payment.

I haven't seen any health insurance increase. That would be hardship for me. I've got a few autoimmune diseases that are incompatible with life. I wouldn't be alive if I couldn't afford mediation.

@ronguest that reminds me, I need to start my car.

I’m surprised health insurance rates didn’t go up.

@Miraz from 1996 to 2006 I owned a 1994 Milano Red Acura Integra GS-R. I admittedly broke the speed limit a lot. The Integra was expensive to ensure as it was a target for theft for parts. It cost more to insure than my wife's minivan.

I really miss my Integra.

@danielpunkass yep. I'm constantly switching between Krisp for WebEx and Zoom meetings and Boom 3D for music and I still can't tell those icons apart.

@Omrrc thank you for the recommendation. This is just right for those "in the zone" sessions.

@ChrisReed yummy!

@Miraz apologies. I didn’t indicate this but I’m in the USA. I’ve seen fences around urban ( New York City, Philadelphia, Boston, Atlanta, etc.) properties that are under construction or that are prisons or restricted government facilities or airports. But hotels, banks, etc. No.

@Miraz agreed. FYI. I’ve never seen any hotels with fences. Urban or not. Must be a NZ custom.

@ben I’ve had the 350mb/s tier for a few years and the speed had been steady. But since mid-March daily and weekly Speedtest results show my wired speed is between 50-150mb/s. I think they’ve capped my neighbourhood. I’ve considered downgrading my service. I’m sure I’ll still get the same speeds.