@kitt I've used Ubuntu Linux for years but I knew the origins of the name that Canocial chose for their distro.

@sjwillis my favourite recipes right now are Kodak Portra 160 by Ritchie Roesch and the colour recipe by Luis Costa but for best results I edit the raw image.

@vishae one bit of advice. Some orchids don't like direct light. I have mine in a shady area under a window.

@vishae the green parts are doing well but I haven't seen a flower in several months.

@philly I have this sort of conversation with my family all the time. Hopefully this is having a positive impact on my adult kids.

@kitt I don't think it's cultural appropriation or false advertising: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ubun...

"the belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity."

@Cheri normal cat behaviour but for me it's an invitation for a tummy rub.

@joshua My lungs hate it.

@Brook Zzzzzz!

@vishae I have had success and failures from clay pellets. Orchids can be challenging.

@pratik OMG! 2009!?

@pratik I think you mentioned living in the country 20 years. I just assumed you were a “resident alien” like I was 25 years ago. Apologies for that.

@pratik I became a naturalised citizen of the USA immediately upon being eligible to do so. I don’t see a downside. Is there one for you?

@pratik can you become a citizen of the USA while retaining citizenship (and a passport) from the homeland?

@patrickrhone same. But it’s a worse case scenario plan. Being an immigrant can have benefits.

@Gabz wishing Marley a speedy recovery and positive vibes.

@hawaiiboy this is the first I’m learning about the Pacific trade winds. I only knew about them in relation to the Atlantic slave trade.

@johnjohnston this is good news, though I’m challenged to listen to podcasts now that I have no commute in the car, and my work isn’t amenable to podcast listening.

Thank you for the encouragement @jack . The quality of 120mm and 4x5 film is so much better than 35mm film. I prefer SLR to rangefinder but the medium format SLRs are so bulky and expensive.

@danielpunkass not only that, but from all the other non-verbal clues.

@nitinkhanna I like that thought process.

@kordumb I love Craig’s writing.

@cygnoir Criminy is so cute.

@alexwaddell khurt.com/uploads/2...

@alexwaddell No. I think this all normal.