Silverstone may be the most exciting race of the F1 calendar. HAM, BOT, LEC, and VER and giving us what we want to see. RACING!!!! 🏎 #F1 #GrandPrixGB #BritishGP

An exciting F1 race so far at Silverstone. Woot! Lewis and Valteri are putting on a good show. 🏎 👌🏾👏🏾👊🏾👌🏾

It’s time for Formula 1 Grand Prix from Silverstone, Great Britain. 🏎

Shadows of Green

Sometimes a brisk 30 minute walk can help with type 1 diabetes blood glucose control. And sometimes it doesn’t.

The United States of Deplatforming

The End of the Free Internet Is Near

🏎 At the moment, Ferrari’s Charles LeClerc very well may be the fastest driver in Formula 1.🏎

Daily Ablutions by Troon Brewing

Trying To Get Fired by Troon Brewing

Public-Interest Technology Resources

Drinking Daily Ablutions by Troon Brewing 🍻

Daily Ablutions by Troon Brewing

New UK Digital Services Tax Will Hit Apple - The Mac Observer


Google Told Employees to Delete Politically Incorrect Language From Code

I’m of two minds about this. I think what google is trying to do is laudable. However, I don’t think what they are doing can be done in a microcosm. The information technology industry developed ITIL as a means to ensure common language among technologist. What will they call ITIL Master Certificate or Scrum Master. What if I have a Master’s degrees (MBA, MSc, MFA)?

Campaign to Stop Killer Robots

Yay! We have a racing tagmoji:…

Physicist Solves 2,000-Year-Old Optical Problem

LabCorp Express kiosks and office computers are still offline 6 weeks later. I suspect it’s because of the data breach but they’re spinning this to customers as “systems upgrades”.

1Password 7 and Safari 13

An Iowa Man Wins His Free Speech Suit After Being Charged for a Facebook Rant Against a Cop

Spoiler alert, the character of Ariel is a work of fiction. ~ Disney Cable Channel Defends Casting Black Actress As New ‘Little Mermaid’ - NPR

… it was either APT 10, “or someone that wants us to go public and say it’s [APT 10].”~ Cell Networks Hacked by (Probable) Nation-State Attackers

Steve Woznkiak: ‘Figure Out a Way to Get Off Facebook’ - The Mac Observer