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Leonard J. Buck Garden

I am old enough to remember the paint by numbers books. I disliked them. I struggled to keep the colours within the lines or use the right colours to match the numbers and was often admonished for not “following the rules”. Inadvertently I was being taught that art was about following rules and that I was not good at it.

It wasn’t until my early college years, while attending Drew University, that I dared try my hand at creating art. I took a summer photography course. The instructor was “artsy” and pushed us to explore light and composition with my Pentax P3. I still have the camera.

I learned how to develop film and make prints, mostly black and white. By the time I had finished my engineering degree and graduate school I had forgotten the craft.

NIKON D40 + 18.0-55.0 mm f/3.5-5.6 @ , at , #LeonardJBuck #SomersetCounty #FarHills #Topaz #OwnYourGram ##njspots

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