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“You can’t trust water: Even a straight stick turns crooked in it.” — W.C. Fields

Bolero Snort Brewery Crooked Labulls…

I am drinking a Crooked Labulls by Bolero Snort Brewery at Skillman/Princeton/Rocky Hill

Venue: Skillman/Princeton/Rocky Hill Venue City: Montgomery Township, NJ Brewery: Bolero Snort Brewery Brewery City: Ridgefield Park, NJ Beer: Crooked Labulls Style: IPA – Imperial / Double Alcohol by volume (ABV): 8.5% My rating: 4/5 Brewer’s notes: Paying homage to the many, many, many hand-labelled bottles and cans that we’ve managed to apply in a less than uniform manner we have a brand spanking new DIPA – Crooked Labulls. Clocking in at 8.5% and profusely hopped with Mosaic and Zythos in the kettle. Kissed with 007 The Golden Hop and Citra post fermentation then dosed again with more of the same plus a touch more Zythos – sticky, resinous, and dripping with ripe mango, tangerine and orange marmalade.

Camera : X100F Focal length : 23mm Aperture : ƒ/2 Shutter speed : 1/18s ISO : 400 Credit : Khürt L. Williams Captured : 23 December, 2017

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