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Tired of Chasing Perfection :… ———— “In search of this perfection we’re losing the poetic. The grit. The nuance. I see less and less story. Less humanity. I’m all in on beauty, but that’s not even what I’m seeing. It’s all just so damn saccharine. My god, all the shiny, happy – perfect – people. It must be exhausting trying to be all that all the time. I worry that the desire for perfection is killing the spontaneity and the life in our photographs, never mind the honesty in them.” ~ David duChemin.…

I went searching through the Lightroom catalogue and found these two images from 2001. They were taken on my first digital camera. A Sony DSC-S70. I didn’t know much about light and composition and framing etc. But I looked at these images and they have more emotional impact for me than any recent image I’ve captured. The quality of the image isn’t what draws me in. It’s not the contrast or the sharpness of the photo. What makes this photo precious to me is the feelings that come up each time I view it.

I want to reconnect with that feeling. I want each image I create to have an emotional impact.

To me!

Camera : CYBERSHOT Lens focal length : 21mm Aperture : ƒ/2.4 Shutter speed : 1/45s ISO : 100 Credit : Khürt Williams Capture date : 17 June, 2001 Copyright : Khürt Williams

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