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The Whisky Sour

I am experimenting with Scotch based cocktails. Why? Because I can. Because I like whisky. Because it’s hot outside — almost 104ºF — and I am bored and can’t find a movie to watch on the Apple TV.

The basic Whisky Sour is whisky, some sort of souring agent, a sweet syrup, bitters and optionally, an egg white. I found a basic recipe on

This is my second attempt at making a Whisky Sour. On my first attempt I used the last of my 12 Year Macallan and lemon juice concentrate and skipped the egg white. It was good, but for my second try, I used freshly squeeze lemon juice and Macallan’s 12 Year Double Cask. The Double Cask is aged in American and European Sherry seasoned oak casks.

My son helped me separate the egg white. He’s not old enough to drink but he’s an excellent chef. He has the skill to separate the egg white. I do not.

Here’s the basic recipe: * 50ml McCallan’s 12 Year Double Cask * 25ml fresh lemon juice * 15ml agave syrup * 2 dashes Angostura bitters * 1 egg white (optional)

NIKON CORPORATION NIKON D5100 + 35.0 mm f/1.8 @ 35 mm,¹⁄₈₀₀ sec at ƒ / 4.5,ISO 100 . . . . . . #whisky #Macallan #12Year #DoubleCask #sour #lemon #summer #cocktail #bitters

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