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On a conceptual level, I understand minimalism. However, on a practical level, when creating my photographs, I am still working out how to focus on a single element of an image. I did some research on the concept hoping to inform my photographic technique.

Last weekend I walked around the Honey Brook Organic Farm hoping to try out the technique. Of the 20 or so images I captured this is the only one I think that could be called minimalist.

I’m not happy with the compositions of the original images. I severally cropped this image to eliminate certain elements.

NIKON CORPORATION NIKON D5100 + 35.0 mm f/1.8 @ 35 mm,¹⁄₆₄₀ sec at ƒ / 4.5,ISO 100 . . . . . . #barn #windows #summer #penningtonnj #farm #honeybrookorganic #minimalist

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