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Bright Idea Brewing IPA. @brightideasbrewing

My wife and I were in Vermont last weekend to pick-up our daughter Kiran from a summer retreat. This was the return trip from our first trip a few weeks ago. We also decided we would use the opportunity to do some college touring with our son Shaan at Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts. Once again we decided that doing the trip in one day would be too tiring so we booked a room in North Adams, Massachusetts and drove to the college campus the next day. After we were checked into the hotel, it was still early. We left the kids to watch Steven Universe and we took the opportunity to visit downtown, North Adams. Bhavana had a chat with the bartender at the hotel restaurant and discovered that our hotel was walking distance from a beer garden at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (Mass MoCA). We had a pleasant walk over to Bright Ideas Brewing while enjoying the art painted on support poles of the overpass. We were at the brewery until closing. We chatted with a wonderful bartender couple (the place was quite busy so our conversations were sporadic) while sampling (2 ounce pours) almost every ale on the brewery menu. Before we left, we purchased two crawlers — canned growlers — one of the Bright IPA and the other of Bright Wheat. I enjoyed watching the canning process. The Bright Wheat has lemongrass and blood orange.

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