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I recently subscribed to @mistoboxcoffee. This week I am drinking Colombia Matambo AAA by @passionhousecoffee which I brewed in a Chemex with @ablebrewing Kone filter. I wanted a way to try different coffees. Most of the other coffee subscriptions services only provided a limited set of options. MistoBox is different. The coffee curators find talented roasters, sample their coffee, and choose 4 each month to send to me. The curators selects my coffees based on my MistoBox coffee profile which includes roast level, flavor profile and coffee type. For me, it’s a fun and easy way to try as much as possible. #coffee #mistobox #PassionHouseCoffeeRoasters #columbia #matambo #AAA #chemex #kone #ablebrewing #coffeetime

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