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A friend who knows I love the outdoors and photography suggested I visit the Kugler Woods Waterfall. I found excellent information on @TheOutBound. The waterfall is tiny but I got some great long exposure shots on my iPhone 6 (try the Pro Cam app) and Nikon DSLR. The flow of water is dependent on the amount of rainfall. I will visit again when the Spring rains start.

It was too cold on the early (7AM) winter morning when I visited and I expect most of the water upriver was still frozen. In the summer the water flow most likely is slower and the spring rains brains most likely cause a strong steady flow of water. I wonder if there is a right time when the water flow is strong enough and the temperature is warm is enough to enjoy a dip in the pool?

Best light is most likely the blue hour at the end of the day. I don’t know this for sure but given that the waterfall faces west the late evening light will illuminate the water.

Getting close to the water with the lens was challenging. The rocks were slippery from the moisture which in this care was ice. Did I mention it was cold?

I struggled with the long exposure. I used my AF-S DX Nikkor 18–55mm f/3.5–5.6G lens for all the images. Because the lens focus ring only work in manual mode, I had to focus with the lens in auto-mode, get my exposure readings, switch the lens to manual, and then carefully attach my 10 stop Hoya Pro 52mm 1000x Neutral Density Filter. I had to do this for every capture. I’m saving up either the Tokina 11–16mm f/2.8 AT-X116 Pro DX II Digital Zoom Lens or the Sigma 8–16mm f/4.5–5.6 DC HSM FLD AF Ultra Wide Zoom Lens. I haven’t decided which lens to buy. From what I read on Lensrentals, the Tokina has better image quality than the Sigma. But the Sigma is wider.

I started off with 30 seconds but I think 60 seconds worked best for the time of day. I tried doing some long exposure HDR as well. The images here are all HDR images with exposure times between 2 seconds and 30 seconds. The exposures were combined in Photomatix Pro 5.

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