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The New Jersey state offices were closed for Columbus Day. I consult for the New Jersey Courts so I a holiday as well. After helping out my wife’s office with some networking issues I drove up to one of my favorite spots in Skillman. I parked at the Rock Brook along Hollow Road. I brought only my iPhone and my tripod. I have a smartphone holder clamped to the center column of my tripod. I normally use it to hold my iPhone when I am doing long-exposures using the Trigger Trap app and dongle. But it also works nicely to hold my iPhone so I can use as the primary camera. That’s exactly what I did. This image were captured on my iPhone 6 with either the native camera app, vividHDR or Slow Shutter Cam. I imported the TIFF images to Adobe Lightroom, applied profile correction, and a Hazy Pop matte filter.

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