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This is 3 exposure HDR (-2/0/+2) shot on my Nikon D5100 with a Tokina 12-24mm f/4 AT-X Pro DX-II (rented) and a 0.9 (3 stop) ND filter. The images were imported into Adobe Lightroom and then combined in Photomatix Pro usign an export preset. I applied the natural preset in Photomatix Pro then imported the resultant image back into Adobe Lightroom for further processing.

The 35mm lens equivalent is 18-36mm f/6. The image was shot at 12mm f/8 (18mm f/11), ISO 100.

The following Adobe Lightroom adjustments were made to the HDR image. * Shadow to 100, vibrance to 17, and contrast to 67. * Enable contrains crop, lens profile correct, and remove chromatic aberration. * Enhance blue in the sky by setting blue colour slider to 36.

The couple standing on the beach moved between frames. The last frame was shot at 1.6s which caused some ghosting. In Adobe Lightroom, I copied the settings and other adjustments I made to the HDR image to the middle exposed image. I selected the HDR images and middle image and used the “Open as Layers in Photoshop” feature of Lightroom to import both images as Adobe Photoshop. I created a layer mask for the HDR image and used the brush tool to replace the ghosted image of the couple with one from the original image.

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