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Up until a few years ago I didn’t use a backpack. I worked at the same company for many years. Other than a small lunch bag, my iPad and my blood glucose meter, most of what I needed for the workday could be found at my office. All that changed when I went back to consulting when my role at my employer was eliminated. I now have a backpack — I finally unpacked the one a vendor had given to me — and it was quickly filled up. I don’t travel for work but as a consultant I want to avoid using my client’s resources for my personal or business affairs. The things I chose to carry in my backpack are mostly what I think I need to get through the work day. The backpack has a lot of compartments and a built-in rechargeable battery. Cables thread through the backpack to the front pouch where they end at a joint mini-USB, micro-USB and 30 pin dock connector. Here’s the stuff that choose to keep in the backpack. #harmankardon #ipad #logitech #moleskine

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